Introducing Mrs Hubbelgubbel...

Here's a nice little manuscript.  I am pretty sure of the transcription, but still can’t easily follow it!  A portion of Clare's novel 'Memoirs of Uncle Barnaby' that was never finished, but has now been published by Arbour Editions.  It is part of a correspondence between Mrs Lettuce and Mrs Hubbelgubbel. Mr Snip is an evangelical 'know it all' who has served a term in prison (and converted all the prisoners). Mrs Lettuce is very proud of her spelling and grammar :

Der Mrs Hubbergubbel
This cums weth thee kindherted luv of us all Mr Tom Leytess  Madam M Leytess  that is mysen, & all the childer      we hev all had the steriks at thee coints of the colleflour Morpus in our newpaper & as we hev hed is many colums about it    the fizikel men out to go to thee seeside & stap it from cummin over      but our gud Mr Snip seeing mi criston fright on the subjict gave me a precet out of his bewtiful Herbery book thet is a stonishg cure for thee plage & if it kuer thet you no it can kure every thing    & so lauk a dasey as I tell Mr Tom who wud be skarified out of thee wits or the seyen is when theres so many gud friends to help

(This is written on the back of a School bill)

Pet MS A51 p22

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